Weather forecast

Theoretical studies of the oceans, atmosphere and climate are very important today to identify patterns in the formation of climatic and weather conditions, as well as their forecasting. It should be noted that the equations of hydrodynamic dynamics of atmospheric processes are so complex that there is still a need to develop better algorithms that can accurately describe a wide range of problems in dynamic meteorology and weather forecasting. The construction of qualitative algorithms for solving such problems is closely related to the problem of approximation of equations and the stability of the resulting difference schemes, which are generally the main problems in the design of new numerical algorithms. The increasing complexity of mathematical models entails the need to use more powerful computing devices, and it may also require a longer period of time for their work. On the other hand, if we are not talking about global forecasting, then based on the global model, it is possible to build its simplified version to predict individual climatic parameters in a small local region and for a small period of time

Neural Network Atmosphere optimizes a mathematical model of short-term weather prediction. Combining data from several sources, such as satellites, regional forecasts and local weather stations, as well as emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere

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