Atmosphere water resources

Another aspect of Project “Atmosphere” is connected to hydrological measuring devices in order to monitor the water cycle in nature and to study its purity. Consider a building built on a slope. Under the building are installed drains and in the soil are humidity sensors. These sensors are required to record the stability and density of land that is washed away by groundwater and rainwater. If the soil is "soft" - the risk of collapse, landslide or destruction of buildings increases.

In addition, rainwater from the entire city flows into bodies of water, bringing with it particles of soil at the very least, whichaffects the silt of the water body, the profile of its bed. It can also change due to fast or slow currents. This data is collected by an echo sounder, located on the buoy, where the temperature sensors are also installed. They "check out" the temperature of the air and water temperature at different depths. Relevant sensors track changes in the transparency and conductivity of water, which determine the level of its contamination. This way we learn about the factors that shape the ecosystem of the water body and among them - the "contribution" of the rains.

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