Meet Atmosphere, an intelligent weather data processor for outdoor and indoor appliances. It is such a system that aims to tie location to weather. The key to this is technology based on neural networks and predictive analytics.


It is an intellectual system, aimed at an aware approach to the environment. It races the Time, allowing you to track changes in air and water and create an accurate forecast for 6 – 12 hours ahead. This is the only system that maximizes the localization of the problem to the scale of a town area. The Atmosphere system is capable of integration in a wide spectrum of industries (weather forecasts, health protection, the energy efficiency of big buildings, etc.). 


We collect data from satellites and international climate services, combining it with statistics on the history of weather changes and general forecasts. Moreover, we receive data from our arrays of sensors, and smartphones provide us with information about the level of pressure at a certain location. With predictive analytics, the neural network analyzes collected data and provides on-site weather prediction and consulting for specific users.


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