Driven by changes, powered by innovation

That's the story about investigators

It all began with a different form.

Back in 2019, Viktor, our Founder & Chief Developer, set up the first version of Atmosphere. That was a system that monitored the indoor air data at the factory.

However, he has always kept in mind an idea to create an on-site weather forecast that could establish connections between weather changes and health issues.

And we are following this goal.

Later in 2019, the just-formed core team of four decided to begin the startup journey of Atmosphere. We joined the ClimateLaunchpad 2019 and started the long exciting path of experiments, investigations, and science.

Atmosphere emerged on the base of the company with 20 years of experience in smart house and customer industry electronics projects. And all of us have our roots there.

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Viktor Dolhopiatov, who later started Atmosphere, participated in a project that aimed to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset in children. That was the place where the idea to create on-site weather forecasts for health emerged.

First monitoring stations & start of the journey

First installation of Atmosphere. Its aim was to monitor indoor air data at the factory in Kyiv.

In summer 2019, we decided that Atmosphere is ready to move forward as a project and joined our first accelerator program with an idea of weather forecasts for boiler rooms. We got 3rd place at the National Final.


Our why

Our mission is

to provide you with an integrated tool that helps you have a comfortable, safe, and healthy life

and build efficient ecology-friendly

businesses and communities.


Inventors & investigators


Be accurate

in the work process

and results


Stay free

in your thoughts and dreams


Strive to hyper-locality

in monitoring and forecasts


 Stay hungry

to knowledge and achievements after failures


Be reliable

in the team work and cooperation with partners


 Stay crazy (a bit or not)

and creative to make unbelievable happen

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Science, engineering, some favorite nerd stuff?

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