Creating forecasts
you can trust

Bringing on-site predictability to make

communities and businesses greener

Meet Atmosphere,

a versatile intelligent system for outdoor and indoor appliances.

It is such a system that aims to provide businesses, cities, and people with precise on-site forecasts.


Who are we?

⇀ Atmosphere Enterprise is the Ukrainian RnD hardware and software startup that has emerged on the base of the company with 20 years of experience in smart technologies and customer industry electronics projects

⇀ We began our way with on-site weather forecasts and air quality monitoring

⇀ Nowadays Atmosphere is a versatile system

⇀ Stage: MVP and piloting

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that gathers and analyzes

any data you need

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Up to 1x1 km

of on-site monitoring & forecast

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Every 5 minutes

— system updates

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Accurate hourly adjustments

of the forecast

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Early warning

about possible changes in parameters

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Customized combinator

with a large variety of parameters to track. Choose your set!

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Constant archive

data accumulation

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6-12 hours ahead

of forecasting

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system with adjustable solutions for different markets


What about use cases?

Atmosphere is a high-tech combinator. The hardware consists of different arrays of sensors. It has a large variety of combinations that are used in cases, and if needed, it is possible to add or replace sensors.
The software is a combination of our mathematical models, neural networks, and predictive analytics. 

The more data system receives,

the faster and preciser it becomes! 

Solutions based on such an approach can be applied in different areas of business, industry, and social projects.

⇓ ⇓ ⇓ Some of the use cases

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An integrated network of

IoT monitoring & forecasting


One system to satisfy the needs of a variety of customers.

Currently, we target city services to help them optimize

work processes and become time & cost-efficient.

Ex. of the data monitored & analyzed:

 atmospheric: AQI, CO2, weather, chemical composition

 soil: temperature, humidity, conductivity

 collectors: mine flooding, drainage filling, temperature, etc.

 water: temperature, transparency, conductivity, flow speed, etc.

 residents: health data

 architecture: vibration monitoring

 other: radiological data, acoustic noise, the electromagnetic radiation level  

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Solar station's predictability

powered by the system of on-site weather & power generation forecast

Helping solar energy producers to become energy market champions. 

Currently, we target solar stations with an installed capacity

of ≥ 1 MW.

Ex. of the data monitored & analyzed:

 on-site weather data & on the distance



 archives: temperature, installation, telemetry, etc.


 international weather sources

 data from other market players

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A database for a variety of

construction processes

Historical, current, and forecasted weather data.

Some applications of the Atmosphere technology in construction:

 ditches digging

 drainage planning

 cost-efficient design and materials choice for houses that are based on the Passive House technology


How does it work?

We collect data from satellites and international climate services, combining it with statistics on the history of weather, air, etc. changes and general forecasts.

Moreover, we receive data from our own and existing arrays of sensors. With predictive analytics, the neural network analyzes collected data and provides on-site forecasts and consulting for specific users.

Versatility comes from the concept of connecting modules to the same basement with algorithms. 


Data that the system will gather and analyze depends on your needs 🌪

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Creating hyper-local meteo service combined with the data about soil, water.

Different combinations are not only allowed but so welcomed!

Ex. of the data monitored & analyzed:

 soil temperature, humidity, on-site weather, etc.


Using Atmo to optimize the work process of factories to avoid accidents and make them greener.

Indoor & outdoor.

Ex. of the data monitored & analyzed:

 CO2, pressure, humidity, noise, dust, etc.


Tie your location to the weather.

This is what it is about. Among different custom solutions for Atmosphere, we aim to put a focus on health and its connections with the weather changes in different locations.


Keeping track of the conditions children are in educational institutions.

Indoor & outdoor.

Ex. of the data monitored & analyzed:

 CO2, pressure, humidity, noise, dust, door and window opening sensor, etc.


A quick glance at our startup life ⇂

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